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Simple and effective solutions helping your most challenging clients succeed!

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Immediately start using our resources with your clients. It will save you time and improve their retention. 

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Through decades of experience we have selected the most crucial aspects of treatment for non-responding clients.

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We provide you common sense solutions packaged in an easy to use format.

 "You Immediately have things to bring to the clinic the next day. There is so much ready-to-use information

Fabi Moser
Sport Physiotherapist 
Banff Alberta

"I like the simplicity of it. I think you guys are on to something by bypassing a lot of the neuroscience to make it simple and effective!!

Evan Georgievski
London Ontario

"This course put client relief into easy steps that can be applied by brand new personal trainers as well as experienced physiotherapists."

Susie Matychuk
Personal Trainer 
Edmonton Alberta

A simple and effective plan to help your challenging patients!

The Pain Made Easy Certification Course consists of 10 easy-to-follow worksheets that guide you and your client through the recovery process. The course will provide a client-based communication template that improves client communication and retention. Using common language and visual aides, Pain Made Easy translates your complex advice into easily digestible concepts.  

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The Pain Made Easy Certification course consists of ten downloadable worksheets to use with your clients. Each worksheet has a therapist education video that discusses why, how and when to use it. These videos are ten to fifteen minutes each. There is also a client education video for each worksheet where Cory describes the most important points. These are designed so you can show them directly to your clients. The client education videos range from three to fifteen minutes each.

Overall the video content is just over 3 hours. We recommend giving yourself four to five hours to complete the entire course by watching all the videos and reviewing the additional teaching points provided for the worksheets.  

The course is best consumed chronologically, but each of the modules can also be viewed and used individually based on you and your client's immediate needs. You do not need to complete the entire program before you start using the resources with your clients.