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Simple and effective solutions helping your most challenging clients succeed!

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Immediately start using our resources with your clients. It will save you time and improve their retention. 

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Through decades of experience we have selected the most crucial aspects of treatment for non-responding clients.

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We provide you common sense solutions packaged in an easy to use format.

 "You Immediately have things to bring to the clinic the next day. There is so much ready-to-use information

Fabi Moser
Sport Physiotherapist 
Banff Alberta

 "The course was great. I want to start using the concepts and sheets right away!!

Scott McCubbings
Saskatoon Saskatchewan

 "I enjoy the program, I like it. It challenges me to sort out a path forward.

Alanna Scammell
Pelvic Physiotherapist 
Winnipeg Manitoba

A simple and effective plan to help your challenging patients!

The Pain Made Easy Certification Course consists of 10 easy-to-follow worksheets that guide you and your client through the recovery process. The course will provide a client-based communication template that improves client communication and retention. Using common language and visual aides, Pain Made Easy translates your complex advice into easily digestible concepts.  

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